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Integrated Development Platform

IDE Quick Start Guide
Getting started with the HighTec Development Platform. Step-by-step.

Download HighTec IDE for Windows [MD5]
Download HighTec IDE for Linux [MD5]
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HighTec Licensing
Here you will find information regarding license-related topics.

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LLVM Toolchain

LLVM Migration Notes
This document describes the known deviations between the LLVM-based and GNU-based HighTec toolchains for the TriCore™ architecture.

LLVM Frequently Asked Questions
This document serves as an FAQ for the LLVM toolchain. You will also find examples and explanations regarding the LLVM infrastructure.

ADS with HighTec Toolchains
This document describes how to download and install Infineon’s AURIX™ Development Studio and configure it for use with the HighTec GCC and LLVM toolchains.

HighTec LLVM BSP in VS Code
This document describes how to use VS Code to build a HighTec BSP example for TC49x.

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Kernel Reference Manual [TriCore | ARM]

This document describes the PXROS-HR kernel services.

Download PDF: TriCore | ARM

Kernel User Guide [TriCore | ARM]
The following document describes the features and application of the operating system PXROS-HR.

Download PDF: TriCore | ARM

Utilities User Guide [TriCore | ARM]
This document describes utilities that are supplied with the PXROS-HR kernel.

TriCore to ARM Differential Handbook
The document provides the user with the main differences in the ARM implementation of PXROS-HR as compared to that of the TriCore implementation.