If you haven’t already downloaded the latest version of our software, you can find it at our website, http://hightec-rt.com/en/login.html. You can find the credentials to this site in a separate email sent to you at the time of purchase.

Once you are logged in, find the category “Updates”, where all your available products can be found.

Prior to setting up your license, please check our intended use scope of the different licenses.

The use-scope for a single site floating-cached license is intended to be used at a single location. However, HighTec offers multi-site licenses, for a wider use-scope. For example, a Country License, a 3-Country License, or a Global License. Without any specific indication, the eligible use-scope of the license is limited to a single site. Please consult our end-user agreement for the complete regulations in using our software, https://hightec-rt.com/en/eula.

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